Round 5’s course had an amazing road course feel. It was a slower day due to running one car at a time but that meant more time for socializing.  Times kept getting faster and faster through the day as everyone got more comfortable with the track. I was able to […]

MCO Autocross Round 5 – Pics just posted!

The weather was amazing and a super technical course brought a great challenge to everyone today. Lots of fun to be had and times got faster through the day as people got more familiar with the course. Note: if you get an error while trying to view a photo, just […]

Round 4 – MCO pictures are up

This year was a new design for the autocross school. It incorporated a tuning day for volunteers along with 3 elements for the students. The afternoon brought some serious rain which spawned Lake Lot-9 which presented some challenges to the students and instructors, however, that meant some pretty sweet pictures! […]

MCO Autocross School

Today I brought my camera bag to the Red bull Rallycross 2017 in Ottawa. This is one of the many events happening for Canada’s 150 birthday. My wife and I bought the tickets way in advance and it’s a good thing we did because the event sold out not too […]

GRC Redbull Rally cross in Ottawa

img_2131 1
Here was a great time, the track was lit up for the first time as we raced from 2pm to 10pm at night. It was unprecedented and amazing! I had to take an opportunity to grab some sweet shots of people’s cars. I was hoping the parking lights were going […]

MCO Fun Event 2016

Hello and welcome, I’ve created this new website to first of all showcase my photography but to also give everyone at MCO an opportunity to easily purchase any photos of their cars that they like without needing my help. I am hoping this will encourage people to view some of […]

Welcome to the new site!