GRC Redbull Rally cross in Ottawa

Today I brought my camera bag to the Red bull Rallycross 2017 in Ottawa. This is one of the many events happening for Canada’s 150 birthday. My wife and I bought the tickets way in advance and it’s a good thing we did because the event sold out not too long after the tickets went on sale. It was located at the Ottawa Space and Aviation Museum which is also the Rockcliffe Airport.


This was my first rallycross event I’ve been to since it’s the first one that has come to Canada. I first heard about this on a Top Gear episode (Classic top gear when Jeremy Clarkson was on it) Where James May (aka. Captain Slow) took one of these 600hp race cars around the track with American Top Gear host Tanner Foust while Jeremy and Richard Hammond babbled in his ears. I was pumped to see Foust race but I had no idea that there was even a Canadian in the series. I first heard of Steve Arpin today and after learning that he comes from just outside my hometown in Thunder Bay, I was instantly a fan. He had the ride of his life in front of his equivalent hometown crowd in the series by winning the events here on the Saturday. I wish all the best for him in his race career. Anyways enough of that. Check out the pictures of the event here!

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